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We thank all of our attendees, speakers, presenters, exhibitors, volunteers and sponsors for their contributions to the 38th Annual Wisconsin State Conference! We'll see you next year, May 5-6, 2025.

Held annually, the Wisconsin State Conference attracts hundreds of professional and family care providers and is one of the largest and most comprehensive statewide conferences dedicated to Alzheimer's and dementia. 


Christopher Weber, PhD, Alzheimer's Association | The Latest in Alzheimer's and Dementia Science

Significant gains have been made in the understanding of the science and basic biology underlying Alzheimer’s disease, and these advances are leading to great strides in prevention, detection, diagnostics and therapeutic interventions. This talk will focus on the latest scientific advancements and progress in Alzheimer's and dementia research.

Marty Schreiber, Former WI Governor, Author & Caregiver | Learning, Coping and Surviving As an Alzheimer's Caregiver
If Alzheimer's is bad, ignorance of the disease is even worse. Marty's main goal is to do whatever he can through his presentations and his book, My Two Elaines, to help those with Alzheimer's and their caregivers live their best lives possible.

Jody Urquhart, Motivational Speaker | The Nerve to Serve, Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout
Humor helps. The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks. Humor gives professionals the nerve to serve in our increasingly complex and challenging environment. Join us as we demonstrate how humor helps you stay in control, stay positive, and maintain balance and perspective for professional and family caregivers, those working in the field, and more.

Diana Shulla Cose | Lorenzo's House: Curing isolation, building community & creating justice
Diana Shulla Cose’s sons were nine and twelve when “brain change” showed up in her home. After her husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s, she realized that there was no place for us - for our family profile; younger … with kids … with dementia. She learned that there are hundreds of thousands of us and little to no support regionally, nationally or globally. Her response to her new reality was to fill this resource gap, for her own family and for so many others. She imagined a hub of connection and resources exclusively for younger families living with any form of dementia. She imagined Lorenzo’s House.

Abigail Freeman MS CGC, UW Health | Genetics and Alzheimer Disease: Practical Knowledge and Emerging Insights
Join us for an exploration of the genetic basis of Alzheimer disease. Together, we will review the main genetic factors that influence risk for inherited and familial Alzheimer disease. We will discuss practical ways to better understand and live with genetic risk for Alzheimer disease. We will explore how genetic factors can influence Alzheimer disease treatment and discuss new insights from the latest genetic research.

Award Winners

Courage Award - Sharon Lukert
Recognizing an individual living with memory loss who is a role model for others through exemplifying support, education, advocacy and facing challenges.

Family Caregiver Award - Sharon Zimmer
Presented to an individual who embodies the courage to face the challenges of caregiving, the compassion to ensure the dignity for their loved one, and the wisdom to reach out for support.

Professional Caregiver - Bernadette Russow
Awarded to an individual who brings a dedication to her/his employment that serves as a model to others in the field.

Care & Support Volunteer of the Year -
Olivia Deering

Awarded to an exceptional volunteer who persistently advances the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association, while providing unwavering support to families across Wisconsin.



Below are links to download handouts and PowerPoint notes from our conference.

Monday PM Keynote - Abigail Freeman: Genetics and Alzheimer's Disease: Practical Knowledge and Emerging Insights
101: Equity in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care
102: The Fish Approach to Dementia Care Handout 1 / Handout 2
103: Your Affairs in Order: A Financial & Legal Gameplan
104: Moving Forward: The Grief & Ambiguous Loss Associated With Caring for Someone With Dementia Handout / PowerPoint notes
105: The Latest in Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Handout / PowerPoint notes
106: Serving the Latino Community in a Culturally Sensitive Way 
Handout / PowerPoint notes
107: Unraveling the Mystery of Behaviors and How to Treat Without Prescriptions
108: The Importance of Spiritual Well-Being in Later Life 
Handout / PowerPoint notes

202: Living Your Best Life Handout / PowerPoint Notes
203: Community Engagement & Involvement in Underserved Communities Within Alzheimer's Disease Research
204: Direct Connect: An Essential Resource for All Health Professionals
Handout / PowerPoint notes
205: Easing Caregiver Stress: Calgon, Take Me Away!
206: The ABCs (Assessments, Behaviors, Crises) of Care Management
208: Creatively Engaging People with Memory Loss

301: Inspiring Hope in Dementia Research: The American Indigenous Cognitive Assessment
302: Memory Care Options: Understanding What, Where, When and Why?
303: Facing Alzheimer's with Dignity: Empowered Choices for a Hopeful Future
304: Exploring the Interface Between Communities and Healthcare
305: Culturally Responsive Health Communication Workshop: Bridging Gaps for BIPOC Communities in WI
306 - Empathy in Action: Transformative Strategies for Frontotemporal Dementia Care
307: Caring for Dementia/Alzheimer's Patients with MCC: Use of a CDSSS called myHESTIA
308: Unlocking Creativity Handout 1 / Handout 2 / PowerPoint notes

401: Pioneering Home Safety: Air Fryer Cooking Class
403: Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
405: What Do I Need to Know About Medicare Fraud?
407: Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia
408: "Growing Connections": How to Start a Full Sensory Gardening-Themed Memory Cafe in Your Community