Recruiting and retaining participants for clinical trials is one of the greatest obstacles, other than funding, to developing the next generation of Alzheimer's treatments. Alzheimer's Association TrialMatch® is helping to change this. Refer your patients to this free service that matches volunteers with dementia-related clinical studies.

Find clinical studies with TrialMatch

TrialMatch is a free, easy-to-use clinical studies matching service that connects individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers, and healthy volunteers with current research studies. There is groundbreaking research happening that could benefit people living with Alzheimer's and other dementia both today and in the future by developing new therapies and prevention strategies. Find clinical trials on TrialMatch in three easy steps.

More about TrialMatch

•  TrialMatch is a continuously updated database of Alzheimer’s clinical studies that includes hundreds of pharmacological and non-pharmacological studies being conducted at sites across the country and online.
•  Matches patients, healthy volunteers and caregivers with ongoing clinical trials.
•  Matches are based on specific patient diagnosis, clinical history and location.
•  Available online at and by phone at 800.272.3900.

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