This free online program by the Alzheimer’s Association will help caregivers learn about the costs of caregiving and the benefits of early planning, and teach you how to avoid financial abuse and fraud, start a conversation about finances, assess financial and legal needs, and find support.

Description of the program

Managing Money is a 60-minute interactive online educational program. 

During the program, caregivers hear tips and ways to help them better prepare for the costs of caregiving. The program includes video clips of real-life caregivers sharing their experiences in managing finances for the person they are caring for.

In addition, the program provides caregivers with activities to help them develop a legal and financial plan.

Topics covered in the program

During the program, caregivers will learn:
  • The costs of caregiving.
  • How Alzheimer’s affects finances.
  • The benefits of early planning.
  • How to talk about finances.
  • How to avoid financial abuse and fraud.
  • How to identify your financial and legal needs.
  • How to create a backup plan.

How to register

The program is free and you can take it at any time.