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Education, Support and Fellowship

We're here for you. Call our 24/7 Helpline at 1.800.272.3900 for more information about our early stage programs.

Programs For Persons with Memory Loss & Their Care Partners

The Alzheimer’s Association offers services for persons diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease and their care partners.

The programs described on this page provide:

  • A safe environment to share experiences and ask questions
  • Friendship and an opportunity to talk with others about the experience of memory loss
  • Support & Information
  • Opportunity to engage in socially and culturally enriching activities with others who are experiencing memory loss.

Peer to Peer

For persons in the early stages of the disease to speak candidly and confidentially via telephone with others living with the disease. This program allows for a new perspective and a time to share experiences with someone who truly understands.

Memory Café

The Memory Café provides an informal setting for caregivers and their loved ones with memory problems to socialize and interact with other families and professionals while sharing and creating old and new experiences.


Early Stage Support Groups
These support groups provide an opportunity to discuss issues and changes related to memory loss and a gathering to share experiences and feelings for both those in early stages and their care partners

Early-Stage Social Engagement Program

The Early-Stage Social Engagement Program offers a fun and comfortable way for people living in the early stage of Alzheimer's or other dementia to get out, get active and get connected with one another through a variety of social events and community-based activities.

Memories at the Museum

Join us at the Speed Art Museum for a special monthly program designed for those living with dementia and their care partners. This program will combine a tour of the Kentucky gallery with a hands-on art-making experience inspired by our tour. Slow down at the Speed and strengthen bonds as you discover new connections with your loved ones.

Caregiver to Caregiver

For caregivers of those suffering from memory loss to speak candidly and confidentially, over the phone, with a person who understands what you are going through. This unique program allows caregivers to gain new perspectives, share experiences, and learn more about being an effective caregiver from fellow caregivers.