Some people with early stage Alzheimer’s may forget words or not remember your name. Otherwise you may not notice too many changes. But, when you spend time with people with later stage Alzheimer’s, it is easy to see that something serious is going on. Some people with Alzheimer’s may cry, become angry very easily or behave in ways that embarrass you. Sometimes the person may not remember who you are, even if it is someone like a grandparent who knows you very well.

People with Alzheimer’s disease are not acting like this because they don’t care about you anymore. Changes deep inside their brains are destroying the centers that control remembering, thinking and feeling. The book selections, helpful links and videos on this page will help you learn more about Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the people you love.

Books for kids

Black man hugging young Black girlDoes someone in your family have Alzheimer’s disease? Check out the books on this list that talk about what it's like and learn more about the disease.

The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones
Wendelin Van Draanen 
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2016 
Weeds in Nana's Garden
Kathryn Harrison
Flipturn Publishing, 2016
Still My Grandpa
Véronique Van den Abeele, Claude K. Dubois (Illustrator)
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2007
Graduation of Jake Moon
Barbara Park
Aladdin, 2002 
Memory Box
Mary Bahr, David Cunningham (Illustrator)
Albert Whitman Concepts, 1992
Wordsworth Dances the Waltz
Frances H. Kakugawa, Melissa DeSica (Illustrator)
Watermark Publishing, 2007 
Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator?
Max Wallack, Carolyn Given 
CreateSpace, 2013 

Links for kids

Take a look at the links below and learn more about how kids like you are dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Dad Can Do Time Travel…But Grandpa Can’t

Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?

Understanding Neuroscience

Videos for kids

Spend a few moments watching the videos below to hear stories from kids who have known someone with Alzheimer's disease.

Part 1: What Is Alzheimer's Disease? 

Maybe someone you know has Alzheimer’s disease but you don’t even know what it is! Watch this video to get the facts.


Part 2: What Can I Expect and How Can I Deal With It?

You may wonder about what the changes are that will come because of Alzheimer’s disease. Will things be different for you or your family? Watch this video to learn how you can keep talking and having fun with the person with Alzheimer’s.


Part 3: Is it Me or Is It the Disease?

Does it seem like the person you know with Alzheimer’s is changing? You’re right! Watch this video to find out more about those changes and how to talk about them.


Part 4: How Can I Help and What's Out There to Help Me?

There are lots of ways for kids to make a difference in the lives of those with Alzheimer's disease and their families. Watch this video to find out what you can do to help.


My Name is Lisa

This powerful fictional film depicts a 13-year-old girl coping with her mother's Alzheimer's. This video won best short film on YouTube in 2007, drawing the attention of millions.