We respect the right of our donors to know how their money is being spent to further the Alzheimer's Association mission. We are proud to report that the Association earns high marks from those agencies whose job it is to monitor the activities of nonprofit organizations.

Allocation of expenses

The Alzheimer's Association national organization meets or exceeds relevant watchdog standards in its allocation of donor dollars. According to the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, nonprofit organizations should spend at least 65% of its total expenses on program activities, with remaining funds going to administrative and fundraising expenses.

The national Alzheimer's Association organization continues to meet and exceed these minimum standards with 78% of our total annual expenses going to care, support, research, awareness and advocacy activities.

The Alzheimer's Association relies on direct mail to educate constituents about Alzheimer's and all other dementia, raise awareness about the organization, engage more people in the cause and to raise funds to support our full mission. We regularly communicate by postal mail, email and other digital channels to both generate income and educate our constituents to further the mission of the Alzheimer's Association. With these endeavors, we follow the Financial Accounting Standard Board Guidelines (FASB) and allocate a portion of our direct mail costs to programs and services and fundraising.

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How we fund our mission

Funding for Alzheimer's care, support, advocacy and research comes from individual donors and from organizations whose work is aligned with our mission. Our collaborative partners include government agencies, corporations, foundations and membership organizations.

Your gift helps us to accelerate our mission to eliminate Alzheimer's disease and to provide the best care and support to those living with Alzheimer's.

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Our philanthropic standards

The entire Alzheimer’s Association is committed to highly responsible and ethical organizational standards in conducting our fundraising efforts:

  • We prepare and manage comprehensive annual fund development plans that meet our financial goals.
  • To ensure that our fundraising programs promote and support one seamless organization, national and chapters coordinate and conduct fundraising efforts with full cooperation and disclosure.
  • We work to ensure that annual fundraising and administration costs do not exceed 25% of total annual expenses.
  • We communicate accurately and truthfully about the Association, our mission and the intended use of solicited funds.
  • We respect the rights and wishes of donors, including the intended use of contributions and requests for donor anonymity.
  • We have written policies governing the acceptance and disposition of charitable gifts.
  • We have policies to govern staff, volunteers, consultants, contractors, businesses and other organizations that solicit contributions on behalf of the Association.
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